The Complex Magazine Cover

Lately I feel like I’m a ticking time bomb of creativity, bursting at the seams to JUST. F*ING. CREATE. I am a creative. It’s the core of me. My absolute centre. And it’s been a long time since I freely “created”…with no agenda, just for the ol damn hell of it. So I’ve prescribed myself a remedy: PRODUCE SOMETHING CREATIVE EVERY DAMN DAY. Just Because. My other lesson? Just Press PUBLISH.

Today’s task: THE COMPLEX MAGAZINE COVER. Oh you know, the greats have all graced the cover of this mag: Zayn, Bieber etc. So it was only fitting that this was my magazine debut.

I walked into a second hand shop and bought this Herringbone shirt for $5. Came home, ruffed up my massive hat hair and stood in front of the camera.

A gin and a bit of photoshopping later. This is my shot. Today’s creative, complete.


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